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The Sanctuary



Now under the pastorship of Pastor Joseph Brown, Watford COGIC has entered into a new era.  Our name change to 'The Sanctuary COGIC Watford' is so we can aim to provide a place where people can come and not only feel welcome but also feel at peace.  


Our vision as a church is to continue the develpoment and growth of our church, in pastor's words... "In pure love and unity, embracing and serving the local community without relinquishing the foundation that has been established over the past 50 years." 


His focus will also be on the spiritual and temporal development of individuals and to embrace our children and our youth.


The Sanctuary is part of the COGIC Shires District which also includes Dunstable, Bedford and Aylesbury Assemblies.  Pastor Elroy Patrick Is currently the superintendent for the district and oversees all four assemblies.



Brief history of C.O.G.I.C Watford


The Watford Assembly is a branch of the Calvary Church of God in Christ (C.O.G.I.C) UK.  Superintendent M. E.  Williams was the Pastor with Mother G. Williams the first lady.

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Superintendent Williams is a great man of God, who was very dedicated and humble in his approach to leading the church as Pastor to  Watford Assembly and Superintendant of C.O.G.I.C Shires District.


Pastor to Watford Assembly for over 50 years, he retired in June 2014 when he handed over the leadership of the Pastoral role to Elder Joseph Brown. The installation of Elder joseph Brown and special appreciation service for Superintendent Williams took place at the Watford Assembly  Convention on 28th June 2014.



Watford Assembly


In the beginning...         


The founding members of COGIC Watford Assembly were namely Brother Vincent and Sister Susan Beckford who  was known to Pastor Williams in Jamaica.


In 1963 the then Evangelist M. E. Williams accompanied Pastor R Bruce of Aylesbury on a visit to Watford where he met the Beckford Family whom he knew in Jamaica. After this initial visit, it was decided that work should start in Watford. Evangelist Williams was later that year ordained as a Pastor and took over the work in Watford with the agreement and support of the founder members.


The opening programme was held on Saturday 18th May 1963 at Watford Fields School Hall which became their place of Worship until Sunday 30th July 1978. Their next place of worship became Kingham Hall from 6th August 1978 to 2nd August 1989. Beechen Grove Baptist Church premises became their place of worship on 3rd September 1989 and remains so today.


On 16th February 2001 Bishop Alvin A. Blake recommended to the Executive Board that Pastor Williams and Pastor Hudson become Superintendents and after their agreement, the decision was made known to the General Assembly that they were given the position as Superintendent by Bishop Blake.  After much questioning and discussion, approval of this decision was approximately unanimous.


Superintendent M. E Williams oversaw The COGIC Shires District. The collective name is given to the four COGIC church assemblies, Watford, Dunstable, Bedford and Aylesbury. The name was chosen as all four assemblies reside within the three UK counties of Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

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