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The Pantry

The Pantry

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Over 5 years I have worked with a charity, ‘Operation Rudolph’, which provided for individuals and families who had found themselves in various needs at Christmas time. We would send out hampers with ‘goodies’ inside that would be of help or

just put a smile on their faces. My position was to build a relationship with government family agencies, women’s refuge, schools and such like to create a list of nominees who would then receive a hamper from Operation Rudolph. We managed to deliver these to, between 250 to 300 households and sometimes the unsheltered. Unfortunately, this charity folded due to a lack of support of the workload.


However, I discovered in this, it was mostly in the school holidays that parents struggled financially to feed their families. It is said that 1 in 5 families will struggle over the holidays this year and children will go hungry. 


The idea of The Pantry is to begin by feeding as many families within the Watford area over the summer break as our budget will allow, by delivering groceries to the value of up to £30. So far with the help of God, the support of my, Pastor Joseph Brown, church members and, friends we have so far accomplished 2 deliveries to 15 families over the 6 weeks summer holidays and, now getting ready to make the Christmas drop.


The shopping for 15 families with 26 items was an ordeal but spiked interest from the public, which was an opportunity to spread the word that God was very much concerned with families in need.


The testimonies from the families have been life changing. Many have felt undeserved but grateful and, some though in need have shared their deliveries with a neighbour. 


We pray that we are in the will of God as Matthew 25:31-46, and that not only their circumstances change but their lives through accepting Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

Missionary Maxine Nartey

Friday 22nd July saw the launch of “The Pantry” at the Watford Sanctuary, led By Missionary Nartey and her team.  Food bags were prepared and distributed out locally to families.