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Department Ministries


During the formative stages of the COGIC, Bishop Mason organized departments to further support the work of the church as it continued to grow and expand. These departments include: the Sunday School Department, the Women's Department, the Youth Department known as Y.P.W.W. (Young People Willing Workers), and Missions and Evangelism. As COGIC has continued to grow, new departments, auxiliaries, and ministries have been established including the Adjutancy, Men's Department, COGIC Charities, and Urban Initiatives to name a few. These auxiliaries are found in nearly every church, district, and jurisdiction within COGIC and function to support the wholistic approach that COGIC has toward ministry within the church and the larger community that COGIC congregations serve.


Mission  - Aims

  • Engage in activities to build up the body of Church and restore the family unit

  • Engage in mission and development of the local community

  • Engage in street, prison and outreach ministries

  • To commit to financial support of the National Missions Department.

  • To conduct periodic visits to all the Assemblies and in particular the smaller ones to encourage and enhance growth.

  • To provide some financial assistance in areas where help is needed.

  •  Disaster relief - Responding to needs of victims in need around the world



  • Young People Willing Workers (YPWW).

  • Sunday School Department events:  National Sunday School Day, Retreat, Conference

  • National Youth Council, Youth department website, Marketing department, for COGIC Youth UK


  • Calvary Theological College - Certificate, Diploma and Degree courses

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