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Missions Department 2015

Past Events 2014-2015

Maxine is currently busy planning more events for the remainder of the year in order for The Sanctuary to reach further into our community.

The end of last year saw the success of our 'Mission Possible' weekend in September 2014 which we followed up by supporting various projects including Operation Rudolph and the Shoe Box Appeal in December.

This year Missions have already carried out the first part of an Evangelism Training programme for the Sanctuary and following on we now have our first Friends & Family Celebration.




Following on from our Mission Possible outreach weekend on 27th September last year, the Missions Department wanted to continue the good works of sharing the Gospel and provide a challenge to those willing to accept it.


Towards the end of 2014 we asked for 10 volunteers who would be willing to approach a complete stranger and give them one of our Bibles. 


We recently asked for those volunteers to share with us who they gave their Bible to and how it was received. Here are the accounts given:


  • Ginelle told us how she had overheard a girl at College on her phone telling someone that she really     should visit a Church. She took that as a sign and handed the girl the gift of a Bible. The Bible was accepted gladly and with thanks.


  • Tiana told us how she had given her Bible to a grandmother at a bus stop. Once again the gift was received with thanks.


  • Sister Paisley shared with us that she gave her Bible to her 10 year old Grand-daughter , she went on to explain that as a young girl she had faced many challenges whilst never knowing the Lord and did not want the same for her Granddaughter.


We are hoping that the other 7 volunteers will soon share with us where the Lord has lead them to gift their Bible. It may seem a small act to give someone a Bible, but just by volunteering you are opening yourself up to be a fisher of men.



Matthew Chapter 4, Verse 19-20

‘Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you

fishers of men”. They immediately left their nets and followed Him'



MISSION POSSIBLE past events...

The Missions Department are excited to announce details of the 1st part of a 3 part Evangelism Training Programme for The Sanctuary, C.O.G.I.C. Watford.  Below are details for the first session which we hope you will all attend:


Date – Sunday 22nd February 2015 *


Time – 12pm to 2.45pm


* Please note Sunday School will be at the earlier time of

   11am to 12pm on this date.

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