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My‎ husband‎ Geoffrey‎ and‎ I‎ had‎ been‎ members ‎of‎ a‎‎ long‎‎standing‎ and ‎well‎ established‎ evangelical‎ church‎ in‎ central‎ London‎ called‎ Westminster‎ Chapel‎.‎‎

I‎ was‎ baptised‎ there,‎ we‎ were‎ married‎ there‎ and‎ we‎ both‎ had‎ established‎ roles‎ within‎ the‎ church‎ and ‎my ‎step‎daughter‎ Nicole‎ was ‎comfortable‎ in‎ her‎ Sunday‎ school.

Some‎ years ‎earlier,‎ Geoffrey‎ received‎ a‎ prophecy‎ from‎ 2‎ separate‎ individuals‎ one‎ of‎ which‎ was‎ a‎ visiting ‎Minister,‎ that‎ Geoffrey‎
would‎ continue‎ the‎ Lords‎ ministry‎ work‎ in‎ a ‎different ‎church.

Fast‎ forward‎ to‎ August‎ 2015.‎‎ Pastor ‎Joe, ‎invited ‎Geoffrey ‎and‎ I‎ to ‎join‎ COGIC‎ Watford‎ and‎ out lined‎ his‎ vision‎ for‎ growing‎ this‎ branch‎ and‎ we‎ were‎ very‎ excited‎ and‎ wanted‎ to ‎be‎ part ‎of‎ this.

I‎ knew‎ that ‎we‎ would ‎leave‎ Westminster‎ at‎ some‎ point,‎ but‎ I‎ could‎ not‎ envisage‎ how‎ this‎ would ‎transpire.‎‎

November‎ 2015 -‎ tinged‎ with‎ some‎ sadness‎ but‎ with‎ much‎ love‎ and‎ blessings,‎ we‎ said‎ goodbye‎ to‎ our‎ friends ‎at‎ Westminster.

From ‎the‎ very‎ moment‎ we ‎joined‎ COGIC,‎ we‎ felt‎ much‎ love‎ and‎ part ‎of‎ an‎ extended‎ family ‎and‎ we‎ all ‎found‎ the ‎transition‎ so‎ smooth‎ and‎ seamless.

We‎ find‎ it‎ particularly‎ refreshing‎ that‎ men‎ and‎ women‎ are‎ given‎ the‎ opportunity‎ to‎ offer‎ prayers‎ and ‎give ‎the ‎word.‎‎  It‎ is‎ also‎ gratifying, that ‎the‎ youth‎ are‎ also ‎given‎ a‎ voice‎ and‎ are‎ able‎ to‎ share‎ and‎ run‎ the‎ service‎ on‎ Youth‎ Sundays.‎ ‎ These‎ opportunities‎ were‎ certainly‎ not‎ available‎ at‎ Westminster.

In‎ the‎ short‎ time‎ we ‎have‎ been‎ at‎ COGIC,‎ we‎ have‎ been‎ touched‎ and‎ moved‎ by‎ the‎ testimonies‎ given‎ by‎ individuals,‎ and‎ we‎ firmly‎ believe‎ that‎ the‎ spirit‎ of‎ the‎ Lord‎ is‎ with‎ us ‎and‎ is ‎guiding‎ all‎ our‎ footsteps‎ to‎ spread‎ the‎ Gospel‎ and‎ grow ‎the ‎church.‎‎  I‎ have‎ to‎ say‎ that‎ I‎ really‎ admire‎ how‎ the ‎church‎ family‎ come‎ together‎ and‎ participate‎ in‎ all‎ aspects‎ to‎ assist‎ in‎ the‎ running‎ of‎ the  ‎church.

The Future

We‎ are‎ very‎ much‎ looking‎ forward‎ to ‎be‎ obedient‎ servers‎ of‎ the‎ Lord ‎and‎ being‎ part‎ of‎ the ‎COGIC‎ Sanctuary‎ expansion.

Geoffrey‎ and‎ Geraldine‎ Senkatuka

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