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Introduction to Holy Spirit in 2017 to set a start to what my brothers and sisters will build on

Three main points:

The promise; The Manifestation in Jesus; The Application to us

THE PROMISE: Joel 2: v28

Why would God do this? Jews understood it in the Old Testament terms not New Testament terms

Before I explain let us look at the word Spirit - means Ruach in Hebrew

wind/ breath - that gives life or power of God that made things happen

Not known as a person, part of the Trinity but  called Spirit of God or power of God- FELL upon people to perform a task then left.

He did not dwell in you, that was yet to be revealed ...that's why Joel 2: v28 so powerful as we will see later

In the Old Testament, RUACH of God had 3 purposes: To enable you  to dosay and be what you could not do in your own strength.

i: To do       Exodus 31:v1-6 Bezalel and Oholiab gifted with intelligence and wisdom

                   Judges 14: v19 Samson kills 30 men

ii: To Say    Consider all the prophets in the scriptures in Old Testament and Numbers

                   11: v16-17 and 26-29 - Spirit of Moses on 70 elders and others too.

                   NEVER HAPPENED AGAIN

iii: To be     OT focused on leadership to do specific task- 3 groups of leaders in Israel's

                   history Prophets (Moses to Samuel) Kings (Samuel to Zedekiah)  Priests  

                   (Zerubabbel to Caiphus and Anus)

So why would God want to pour out His Spirit on all flesh- reminds me of a song in Baptist church: For am building a people of power and I'm making a people of praise, that would move through this land by my spirit and will glorify my precious name...

God is creating subjects to the King/ Messiah promised way back in Genesis 3:15

Jesus fulfils all three offices or roles of prophet priest and king BUT a king needs subjects- holy ones and that's where the Holy spirit comes in...


The Manifestation in Jesus: Matthew 3: v11


Did you ever notice it occurs in all four Gospels... significant...Why it is the king who baptises to prepare His people for His kingdom now and His future kingdom


Look at the example he sets: Conceived by Holy spirit - Matthew 1

Baptized and Holy spirit fell upon him - Matthew 3

Led to be tested by the Holy spirit - Matthew 4

Cast out demons by the holy spirit - Matthew 12

and Christ offered himself through the eternal spirit as a perfect sacrifice to God- Hebrews 9

Not until John 16 do we know the Holy Spirit as a person/ comforter/guide who can be grieved and rejoiced

If our King relies on the Holy Spirit how much more us!!

The Application to us: Acts 2:38-39

Final fulfilment of Joel 2: v28 instead of being upon you

He the Holy Spirit is IN you

For you are the Temple of the Holy Spirit

Before God made heaven and earth then populated it with mankind....

Now he reverses the process...

Makes us all new creations in Jesus first full of the Holy Spirit

Later in Revelation he creates a new Heaven and new Earth full of Spirit filled

People ruled by the perfect God-Man Jesus Christ!

To do, say and be what we could never be in our own strength!

Glory be to Jesus!

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