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Our aim as leaders at Watford Youth Meeting is for the youths to have fun when they attend but all the time focusing on Christ our Saviour and to continue to encourage those who believe and trust in Him.

Led by our Youth Leader Evangelist Yolande Brown and assistant Sister Theresa Williamson, we have other dedicated helpers who as a group, aim to reach out to the youths who are yet to know and experience God’s love and the precious gifts He has bestowed upon us to enable us to lead happy and fulfilling lives through Him, knowing that through faith and trust we can always depend on Him to guide and protect us.


We endeavour to connect the youths with other christians to help them to grow in their faith through fun activities and helping them to discover how important it is to grow their ministry and honour God with their life.


The Sanctuary COGIC Watford youth meeting is growing from strength to strength. The youths come to youth meeting with such enthusiasm it is sometimes a job to help them contain it.  They are learning not only to be respectful of one another but also to those who they may come into contact with.


Over the years we have seen the youths grow, not only in numbers but in self confidence, respect, learning the word of God and sharing it with one another in our devotional time. 


Our younger youths range from 5 – 14 yrs and our older young adults from 15 - 25.  At the moment we have approximately 12 children/young adults some of whom attend on a regular basis.  They are encouraged to invite their friends to come along and join in the activities which they do. We all pull together to make newcomers feel welcome and part of the group to encourage them to come back. Our plan for the future is to reach out to more of the older youths in the local community to encourage them to attend.


On the 5th Sunday of the Month, the youths are prepared, by the leaders, to enable them to lead the Worship Service. The service generally follow the same schedule as normal but also have the fun factor, it is always a great opportunity for their family and friends to come to church and experience something different and also to boost their children’s confidence and give them the encouragement and support they need to grow in the church.


Our youth services have seen the youth’s perform dance routines, singing, playing musical pieces, display their artistic abilities through fashion and performing short sketches and even giving the word through a poppet show, written by one of the youths.


We pray for God’s continued Blessing on our youth and for his guidance to help us continue in his work.

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